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Kill the Lights

“Will…will you take me with you?” She is sobbing; her ornately painted fingernails are digging into the dull carpet, and she is shaking.

His dark eyes give away nothing, and for a moment she fears that all is lost.

Then, his answer comes cutting through the crisp evening air, “Yes.”

She takes his outstretched hand and climbs onto the sill.

When morning comes, she would appear to be sleeping if not for the crimson pool around her head and the horrible way her limbs are spread.

He pulls her through the window and pulls her to his chest. She smiles and thanks him.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

She is so happy, so warm, so alive that she doesn’t feel the wind whipping through her hair. She presses her mouth to his and hits the ground.


I want to die.

The message is written clearly in curly handwriting. It comes to him on a paper plane, as always, and drifts into his outstretched hand.

A new project...

So I've started working on a new writing project. Just like every other one that I've started, this one will probably fall through. Even so, I plan to work on it in my free time. Though I highly doubt anyone here has anything to do with my Facebook, this is the evolved version of what I posted there a few months ago. [In my next post, I'll include that story!]

This story is largly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass, as well as many other stories inspired by those.

For anyone who who has seen Paprika, Spirited Away, or read the book "Peony in Love", by Lisa See, you'll notice some similarities in the concept.

This story takes place in the underworld, or the Spirit Realm. Perhaps the entrance is a lake, or a dream, though I can't be certain yet.

What is most significant is the dipiction of the spirits, ghosts, and demons. The realm is ruled by one man, more on that when it comes to me, and this man rules over the three groups listed above.

Spirits are those who possess property in the Realm. There is a spirit for every living and nonliving thing, such as trees and mountains. When the source of the spirit is destroyed, it becomes a demon as well. Spirits frequently to not take the shape of humans, and often are in the form of what they represent. However, many things cannot be replicated in spirit form, and will take the form of a dragon, human, and other such things. Spirits, when appearing like humans, have pointed ears, as demons do.

Demons are either humans that gave up their humanity, moral compass, etc, in pursuit of a goal. Though they often appear in human form, they have a more animalistic form to them as well. As a side note, they are capable of mimicking the actions of other such that they simulate having values. Demons do not have citizenship in the Realm, and as such often live in the dark places, such as an unlit street.

Ghosts, though different from spirits, share many traits with spirits. Ghosts are the souls of the dead. They do not take the shape of the person as he/she was when he/she died, but rather as he/she images him/herself. For example, a concubine may not imagine herself old, as she was when she passed into the spirit world, but rather as the beautiful woman she was in her prime. In another case, ghosts may not take the shape of anything they were when alive, but rather as they saw themselves. A cripple may have seen himself strong, and is shown as such in the afterlife, and a person who was unhappy with himself may be only partly visible. Infants and those who died before any mental maturity will stay as they were when they died, as they have no true self image beyond what they are. In the social structure of the Realm, ghost are common folk.

This is jsut some basic stuff that I've got going on now. If anyone ever reads this.... let me know what you think!

Meteor Shower Tonight!

Facebook labels this "Leonid Meteor Shower 2009, Biggest Meteor Shower of the Modern Age". Well, now doesn't that sound exciting?!

Appearantly, the meteor shower will feature more than 500 falling stars per hour [!!!], best seen in Asian countries. Not to fear if you are in North America, we should still get a clean view of the event.

Check out this link for best viewing options...

So, I guess I'll be up tonight, from 1 am to 5 am, watching the Meteor shower!

Fun times...
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Obsession of the Moment: Howl's Moving Castle

Yes yes, I know you've heard of Spirited Away, and maybe even My Neighbor Totoro, but have you heard of Howl's Moving Castle? Quite possibly the best movie to come from Hayao Miyazaki's amazing mind, Howl's Moving Castle is a strategic mix between the fantastic and the real world.

This movie is by no means new, in fact it is about five years old. However, for some unknown reason, it has yet to reach the popularity that Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro have obtained. In some regards, this is good, due to the lack of bombardment associated with such movies. Clearly, Howl's Moving Castle is a jem hidden beneath piles of sand.

What is this fabulous film about? On the surface, this is the story of a young woman, Sophie, who has a chance encounter with a wicked witch, who transforms her into an old woman. In an attempt to reverse the curse, Sophie runs away from home, and into the moving castle. Here live the great wizard Howl, a man surrounded by horrible legend and infamy, his young apprentice, Markl, and Calcifer the fire demon. Within the walls of the castle is a magical world, with seemingly endless space, yet at the same time, none at all. Outside the castle is a world plagued by war and death. All wizards are forced to fight for the king, but lose their humanity as they fight. Howl refuses to report to the king, claiming to be too cowardly and lazy. Through a series of battles and adventures, the idea that love conquers all blossoms....

Simple enough, right?


This movie also reflects the suffering of the British people during World War II. Varying from portrayals of The Battle of Britain to the portrayal of American soldiers as flirtatious scum-bags. Put simply, this movie is not so straight forward as it seems.

And if the Studio Ghibli greatness and deeper meaning are not enough to make you want to watch this film.....well. WELL. Just take a look at that cutie Howl!

Ok, so maybe he does look like a woman most of the time, but his unique combination of suave and childish charm make him a real winner.*

*Ok, so maybe I am biased, as I would 100% marry him on the spot if I were to meet him!
Dead Ed

Gregory the Epic Fish

 The story starts about three days ago...

My roommate and I bought a betta fish for the room. Deciding to be random, we named said fish Gregory. Like the other room that had a fish, we gave our fish a FaceBook account and an email address, just for fun. The account was set up similar to any other student in our class, and featured pictures of the fish. Simple enough, right?

Things start to get fun here.

A person on my floor is openly gay. According to stereotype, it's hard to miss.
This person, Eli, encountered another person interested in men, who goes by the name of Trevor. This Trevor seemed to rapidly develop an unhealthy obsession for Eli, and proceeded to stalk him around the floor, following him to the bathroom several times and watching him through the dining hall. The two had only known each other for a day, however, it was clear that Trevor needed to go.

In order to get rid of Trevor, I hatched a brilliant plan...get Eli a boyfriend. Obviously we could not find him a real boyfriend so quickly, but we did have a man ready for the occasion. Gregory was launched into a beautiful transformation. We started looking for a believable picture of a stripper to use for a profile shot. The joke was that Gregory was named after a stripper (so that my roommate's cousin would not believe that the fish was named after him). It quickly became clear that no pictures would work for this project, so we had to find something else to use. After much searching, I realized that I had pictures of my very gay friend from home on my computer, who happened to be perfect for the FaceBook project. We quickly collected pictures of my friend as tossed them on FaceBook and his the evidence of Gregory being a fish.We posted all of the pictures I had of this guy, posted a profile picture, and added essential information about "Gregory". "Gregory" was an exchange student from Finland, from a city called Tampere (a real city, by the way). "Gregory" had a wide range of interests, varying from chocolate and jello shots to Sexabition and Hot Men. His posts were littered with Finnish phrases, and he even had a song in Finnish posted on his page.

We finished setting up the page, then sent a text to Trevor's number from my roommate's number (a number that Trevor did not have in his phone), and asked him to back-off of "Gregory"'s boyfriend, while speaking as though we were Gregory. This started a fire with Trevor, who claimed to being led on, and became very upset, resulting in a threatened write-up and some angry words (Gregory splattered Finnish swear words through his texts, and Trevor commentated his every action).

To make matters even better, the roommate of Eli had also met this Trevor person, and was chatting with him on FaceBook the entire time, all the while pretending that he had no idea what was happening. The roommate implied that Eli had multiple boyfriends,and that Gregory was a really nice one. It was all quite humorous, and in the end Trevor blocked Gregory from his FaceBook, and refuses to speak to Eli. I suppose that everyone got what they wanted.

Please, do not try this at home!

Why I Love Chinese People

Despite recent economic troubles regarding China, I find that the country is one of the most necessary nations to exist. Not only to they make many of the products we use everyday, and own most of our debt because of it, they also are the origin of some of the greatest things to ever appear on this planet.

Here is an extremely materialistic and nonsensical "Top 5" list of why China is so amazing:
5. Macs: Most Macs are made in China these days. I know that outsourcing jobs has a negative effect on American economy. It's hard to miss, really. And certainly everyone would be happier if computer parts were made in the United States. Until those jobs come back to America, be glad that those jobs exist at all. The product of those jobs is the one, the only, lovely Mac. Actually, now that I think about it, most computers are made in either China or Taiwan anyway, some parts are made in Thailand...

4. Chinatown: In many major cities, there exists a part of town that attracts the asians of the area. While typically labeled "Chinatown", these areas are...of the generic asian variety. However, that is not my point. My point is, however, that without Chinese people, we would not have Chinatown! Laughable, I know. This is quite possibly the most blonde thing that I have ever written. Forgive me for. I ask that you understand what I mean when I say this, however. Not only do these areas give the average asian immigrate an area to understand and relate to, they provide some of the best food for you buck, and are great tourist attractions. I realize that this is probably not a P.C. thing to write, however, it is true. I love Chinatown.

3. Szechuan Eggplant: I don't really think that there is much more that needs to be said.

2. Bubble Tea: Though technically from Taiwan, which is considered by many (primarily the Chinese) to be a part of China. It is very hard to resist the tapioca pearls at the bottom of some sweet black tea... if you haven't tried it yet, you need to get out from under that rock. Go out into the world!

1. In case you have missed this, my list is random and illogical. There is nothing serious about it, and very little of it matters to the world. Naturally, my last item would follow this pattern. So, if you will, drumroll!!!!!

Peter Chao, otherwise known as "Chinese Guy", or pyrobooby. This is quite possibly the funniest man alive. I doubt that he is actually like this in the real world (if he were...well, he probably would not have lived this long). Really. Though his videos are often lack any form of tact or sensitivity, his humor is undeniable. He takes on haters with full forces, talks about the ladies in a most lewd fashion, and believes every man or woman alive fits into their racial stereotype. Despite this, it is very hard not to laugh when he greets the viewers with his typical "Hello mother@#$%ers!". His angry rants are even more crude, and his actions seem to follow no rational path. If one were to describe him in one sentence, it would be something like this: "Peter Chao is a racist, angry, horny little Chinese man who is not afraid to speak his mind (or for his junk)". Yes, this man has made it to the top of my list. Care to see why? Click the link to his YouTube page!
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When you have the internet, who needs ritalin?

 As mentioned in my previous post, I have seen much on the internet in recent days. My new favorite website is....
No, I have not gone crazy on YouTube. This is a legitimate site, and is particularly amazing if you happen to own a webcam. My mac let me hook up the the site, and brought hours of amazing entertainment. To all of you bored people, check it out!

And once you get bored of that, check out the Alice in Wonderland video on the site. Google it and listen, enjoy. This is my new favorite song! I'm not joking, kids. Don't do drugs, do internet.